Phoenix Design Week is Coming

28 09 2009

PHX Design Week 09

Amazing topics, great speakers, killer exhibits – only $40. You’re an idiot if you don’t go. That is all.


Stupid Things I’ve Come Across, Pt.2

28 04 2009

Because I need to post these beauties somewhere…


Come to think of it, I would absolutely love some magazines with my pizza order.


How could I forget?


I don’t even have a witty comment for “this” one. This “is” just plain stupid.

Mmmmm, Grammar.

30 03 2009



Stupid Things I’ve Come Across

19 03 2009

So, I have a habit of taking screen shots of humorous things I run into during my days of aimlessly surfing this here internet machine. So in an effort to actually do something with these images I have captured, I will go ahead and post them all here for others to share in the stupidity of others:


I stumbled across this one a while back from my Facebook wall. I guess this proves that I was the first person to EVAR use Facebook. I was on Facebook before the internet even existed. I was on Facebook before the idea of the internet even existed. I win.


Why is this ad trying to sell me on Mov, AVI, or PSP video when I was clearly just searching for “farting”? Silly advertisers.


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What?


Bow-chica-wow-wow. Upload has it goin’ onnnnnnnnn.


Where is the “no” option?!


Is it just me or does this bird look as though he ran into my screen and is splattered? All that’s missing is a little blood…and a windex bottle.

Social Media Icons Receive “F” for Creativity

25 02 2009

Anyone else noticing the lack of creativity in social media and iphone icons? I noticed one trend in particular, with the letter “f.” I dug up a few I could find and I am curious to see if anyone even knows the company behind each of them (except for the blatantly obvious one, of course):


Without googling, go ahead and take a guess – I’m especially curious to see if anyone can guess the pink one.

The point: Your icon should be something memorable – when someone sees it, they instantly know whom the icon belongs to. Using the first letter of your company name only works for the biggies out there, so until you are one  of them, use a symbol, image, color, shape or something to show us who you are.

Lovely Wine Packaging

24 02 2009


I’ve always been quite the fan of beautiful wine bottles, as I use them for vases around mi casa. These wine bottles will definitely be on my to-drink list, as well as my to-decorate-with list 🙂 I especially love the wine box that can be used as a lamp…genius!

Simply Beautiful

27 01 2009